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September 19, 2008


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I'm Looking forward to checking out QVC on the 23rd. I love your stamps!

Do you have any information on "Lindsay's clear summer ATCs" that you pictured on your blog on July 9th? I just looked at it today when I received this email. I love the look of these and would like to know how they were done or at least be able to ask Lindsay about them. I did look through the gallery to see if they were posted and might have more information there but was not able to find anything.

thanks for any information you can provide.

I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!

Lovely stamps ! Now how long before we get on QVC United Kingdom ??? wink LOL X Fab

I can hardly wait til Tues, Sept 23rd you are so awesome at your demos so am looking fwd to see all your talents on stamping......and will also check out the other alpha stamps on qvc website. Thanks Stephanie for all your great ideas and scrapbooking items.

Congratulations on being on QVC!!

How much is your stamp set going to cost? and will you be offering the 2 sets on your site as well, for the same price?

can't wait for Tues!!


I will be tuned in to check out the stamps!!!

Congrats on the QVC spot!!! I love your product and am happy that you are offering it on QVC!

What is the rubber piece called that you used to do embossing on the Sizzix?

Wow, I've been wondering what has taken you away from youe blog...now I know! Cool Stuff! Can't wait to see the QVC show!

Hope I make home from work in time to watch. I can't wait

What alphabet set is on sale at QVC? I can't seem to find it in the listing.

Am watching you on QVC and posting this comment at the very same moment!! You did great!! and I love the stamps. LindaSolnia

U DID FANTASTIC!!! U Looked just like a little girl with a new toy!!!..HEHEHEHHE I can not wait to get mine..

I got mine today!! WONDERFUL!!!
But I can not find the othere ones U R talking about???

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