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June 02, 2008


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You are just too precious, Stephanie!!! I have "The Secret Weapon" and love it. I totally enjoy your videos. Thank you.
Cheryl Sims

*giggles* Cute video!
And do I EVER? I use it for all my stamps now - even the mounted, the ez-mounted and... all of them! It just gets so much better! :D

/Zarah from Sweden

Hi Stephanie! I love the 'Secret Weapon' - perfect impression everytime. =)

And oh, I love your videos - very informative and entertaining as well. =D

gaye from philippines

Stephanie you are so funny in your video, i love them all!
Of course i have my secret weapon since i discovred it with IB and i use it each time i stamp!

thanks and keep your beautiful smile and your funny attitude :-)

Josée :-)

Stephanie - u are a riot. But, I agree, I can't stamp without my secret weapon.


YES! I'm using it with my acrylic stamps now too--love your secret weapon, Stephanie! :-D

I have your secret weapon too. I don't remember to use it. I will have to pull it out and start. Thanks for the reminder.

I love the 'Secret Weapon'!!! It works great with all my stamps, even the cushion mounted ones. The mat is absolutely essential with detailed stamps. Well worth the money to get the large one.

Yes I have a secret weapon and have it out on my table all the time. Great video!!

I have the secret weapon and use it for my Parchment Art because
you need a strong sturdy pad for when you do the embossing on
the Parchment aka Vellum


Never knew what those were used for and have just thrown them away. guess I won't be doing that anymore. Thank you for enlightening me.

Where can I buy a big secret weapon like you have there???

I was just given my first two sets of IB stamps and I have only used one image once (don't get worried I got them on Saturday and I inked it on Monday! LOL)But I have to say, the smaller sized secret weapon really did make a difference when I stamped!

Oh and one more tip, This foam is the PERFECT density for using as a paper piercing pad. Simply lay your cardstock on top of the pad and use a paper piercer or straight pin to pierce the design in your project. The density of the foam keeps your paper flat and reduces the chance of creasing your paper if you were using a less dense material!

Omg.....this is too funny, I have had this "Secret Weapon" for years(I must have won some stamps forever ago) and had no idea what that purple pad was for....heeehheeee, thanks Stephanie!!! It all makes sense now :o) LOL

U bet cha!! I had to order another One Because I had to cut one in Half to share with my sister..Now I can take it in my small tote bag when I go places..:+)
So now I have 1 and Half secret weapon..:+)

Thank you for letting me know-I was wondering what that was!

Wow! Totally cool, Stephanie! Thanks for the explanation!!!

I have a secret weapon and have it out on my table. Great video, Stephanie!!

What a great video!! My first email from you and I enjoyed it. I have that big purple pad, bought it ON PURPOSE almost 2 years ago and forgot I had it until about 2 months ago....(can you say, "I'm organized NOW!) and now I wouldn't stamp without it! I will say I watched your whole video to make sure I was using it right though... Thanks so much

The Video won't work for me. I am missing out big time it looks like. Bummer!

I had two of the purple "secret weapons" which i use all the time. Ones cut in half to take out and about. The spare half is now used by my husband. No not for stamping. He got a new mouse for his computer and tried every surface known to man, but it wouldn't roll properly until i suggested the "secret weapon". It works perfectly.

Thats so funny, I had no idea that those pads are the Secret Weapons, I thought they were to help keep your stamps from leaning against each other in storage! Thanks for the info!!

Are you always so bubbly? LOL I do have this "Secret Weapon" have had it for awhile and it's certainly easier to use than the mini size. I still haven't gotten "the perfect" impression out of one particular stamp, but I'm working with it. I'm wondering if it's because it's still very firm, mine doesn't have as much give as yours does in the video.

LOL You are so cute Stephanie!! I have 2 "Secret Weapons" and 1 is on my scrap desk all the time!! I never stamp without it! It is awesome just like IB Stamps!! Keep making those adorable and informative videos, Stephanie!!
Hugs, Melissa

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